We all dream of The Perfect Wedding.

Here at www.WeddingCars.sg, we bring you just that little bit closer to fulfilling The Perfect Wedding with the ideal car to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. WeddingCars.SG is Singapore’s leading specialist bridal car showcase.

We have been established since 2008 and together with our Parent Company LimoCars Pte Ltd fulfilled more than 300+ reservations per month for Weddings, Events and Corporate Transfers over these years. Our full time operations team of 5 staff can serve you around the clock to ensure your reservations are fulfilled reliably and timely (on standby 24 hours). Today, we have established our niche in this industry and have grown to serve the needs of corporate and MNC clientele, we would be pleased to be of your service on your important occasion. To add as an achievement in 2012 – We are the transport host for 2012 Bollywood IIFA event serving Bollywood A-List and providing more than 100 Mercedes and BMW vehicles in Singapore.

Unlike private one-man operator and single car owner who work individually and do not have the resources of a team and their fleet of vehicles, we can provide backups and contingencies in the event of vehicle breakdown and driver replacement. Our IT infrastructure with a customer website frontend allows you to view or modify your reservations online and track any updates. We are in progress to add mobile apps so you can track any reservation close to real time update.

To date, we provide a wide varietly of vehicles mix from Limousine Sedans such as Mercedes E-Class CGI (new Model) and S-Class, Toyota Alphard (7 seaters) to Large Group Transport ie Hi Ace Combi (13-Seaters) , 23 seaters and 44 seaters for escort. Our premium customers who wants the best for their guests can count on the Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley Continental for a luxurious and opulent experience. For convertible and coupe lovers, we have the Mercedes SLK , Audi TT Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet, Mini Cooper Cabriolet and More.

We are also a proud recipient of the Promising 500 SME Award form SMBA (Small Medium Business Association) in 2012

Our office are conveniently located in Midview City, Sin Ming Lane and we welcome your visit at any of the following opening hours

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10am – 5pm (1230pm-130pm Lunch Time) | Sat 10am-1pm (By appointment Only) Phone: (65) 6735 0735 | 6735 2735 (6 Lines) Fax : (65) 6735 7305 24 Hours Line (For Despatch and Operations ): 9131 7070 (We will reply to Sales Enquiries during working hours)

WeddingCars Pte Ltd (REG:200800644H) | LimoCars Pte Ltd (REG:200920625N) Midview City #06-51 20 Sin Ming Lane Singapore 573968

Our registered website domains : www.weddingcars.sg | www.weddingcars.com.sg | www.limocars.sg | www.limocars.com.sg |

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Information on our Brand and Rights

We strongly advise customer to exercise caution in dealing with individuals / companies and especially websites that may use names very similar to our “WeddingCars.Sg ” brand in order to associate with our brandname and service. Incidently ,we also received numerous enquiries for last minute orders from customers who were “scammed” when these individuals are not contactable after a period or do not turn up during their Actual Day while some others provide sub par service, dangerous driving, not knowing roads and poor attitude as they are not properly trained in chauffeur service . More than often, these individuals have a full time job elsewhere and are visibly tired on their actual day assignment having no proper rest as they are stretched from their day time jobs. When in doubt, check their ACRA corporate registration certificates (to ensure they are incorporated and authorized to provide transport service and not individuals or part timers or individual car owners) , visit their physical office and call their office land lines (not just handphone numbers) for verification, if further doubts arise, do contact other personal (a manger or director level staff) in the company for more information.


Due to the numerous inquiries we receive pertaining to complaints on errand operators in this industry – We like to remind that we do not bear any responsibility if customer engaged any services or have made any payment to these individual / companies and especially websites bearing very similar names to our Brand:  WeddingCars.Sg | LimoCars.Sg and our official websites: www.weddingcars.sg or www.limocars.sg , www.weddingcars.com.sg, www.limocars.com.sg and our emails sent to you should indicate our official email domains (eg: name@weddingcars.sg).

For payment made – All our clients should receive proper computerized receipts auto-generated by our system server to your email address bearing our logo and corporate letterhead. For verification or additional payment receipt copies, pls only contact us at our official website URL and registered office address as stated on the above contact information or email at sales@weddingcars.sg